Immediate Release:
17 May 2006

Stone Lion Inn will be featured ghost hunt on the SciFi Channel’s  “Ghost Hunters”.

Recently we have had a lot requests for information on our ghost.
For those of you interested, here are some books and some websites that mention
or tell stories about our ghost. If you have stayed that the Stone Lion Inn and have
a story you wish to share about an experience you might have had, please email us.
In the future these stories will be posted on our web site.


Ghosts of the Southwest - by Ted Wood,     page 34-37

Way Down Yonder In the Indian Nation - by Michael Wallis,  page 198-199

Mysterious Oklahoma - by David A. Farris   Page 30-32

Haunted Highway Rt. 66 - by Ellen Robson & Dianne Halicki ,  Page 75-77

Elmer McCurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw
by Mark Svenvold,   chapter 12

Web Sites:
              (This link has lots of pictures of the murder mystery)
 (This was an investigation)
transportation/tour operators/murder_mystery_weekends/